Avangrid – Cybersecurity Attack in the Metaverse


  • Avangrid / Microsoft

  • 2023

A collaborative experience in the metaverse (AltSpace), where different teams must collaborate to solve a fictitious critical situation, guiding some operators to solve an electrical problem caused by a cyber attack. The 3D space is a representation of a real eletrical station, as well as two control rooms where various teams must give instructions to the station operators.

This type of experience serves to train employees in fictitious situations that can happen in reality, and training them in a simulated environment without danger and without altering real systems, which would otherwise be impossible or very expensive.

For this experience, the AltSpace metaverse is used, and to program the multiplayer experience, the AltSpace MRE SDK (JavaScript)has been used.


Compatible Devices:

Desktop (Windows & Mac)

Oculus Quest 1 & 2 (VR)