Project Fobos

Description: Project Fobos (temporal name) is a prototype of an asymmetric game designed for virtual reality. The base idea, it's a survival game where the enemies are real players, trying to go where VR player is and kill him. The VR player is in the center of a map (dark and terror).He have a lantern with limited battery and a crossbow (that he should reload). The normals player, that control one or more enemies (called "Huecos"), they are invisible till they move. They also interact with the enviroment (as moving plants or making noise).

In the first proptype (also compatible with no VR, but it's recommended use two screens), the main player it's a turret that have limited energy that self-recharges, but he spends when he moves/shot/flashing. The enemies (robots Dalek), are invisible until they move or shot (they can shot, but the bullet it's slow and with little scope). The mechanics of enemies is to try get closer without the main player discover him looking where he's watching, and the other players must help each other to distract the turret or spend their energy. Meanwhile the main player should listen and observe the enviroment to discover enemy without spend a lot of energy, because then it will be deactivated for a moment.